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Roxanne Augenstein, EA, NTPI Fellow

Roxanne Augenstein, EA, NTPI Fellow

Owner, Payroll and Sales Tax Specialist

My husband Jeff and I started this business in 2003 with our business partner Patrick Fleming. I spent seven years doing taxes at a well-known tax preparation chain, and wanted to continue to provide expanded services year round with a team of professionals dedicated to meeting the various needs of our clients. In 2004, I passed the Enrolled Agent Exam, and in 2005 all three partners claimed Enrolled Agent status.

Specializing in Payroll and Sales tax rounds out the services we provide to our business clients of all sizes and types. I started in our business by preparing tax returns. As the years have progressed with the business, it became evident that there was a need to provide payroll and bookkeeping services for our clients. I took it upon myself to learn the payroll and sales tax process and be certified in those areas. As an Enrolled Agent, I still prepare tax returns and participate in resolutions, but I spend most of my time processing payroll and sales tax returns.

Many clients come to us after they have had some difficulties remaining in compliance with payroll or sales tax regulations. My role is to solve the puzzle and help clients reach a resolution and remain in compliance to avoid future issues with the tax authorities. It is a joy to get a newly formed business and have the ability to advise and serve those businesses before there is ever an issue. Watching a new business grow, plan, and grow more is one of the benefits of my position. Being able to match the needs of these businesses with the team we've built at Northern AZ Financial Services Co is a continued source of pride. Being one of those small businesses that grew out of the garage gives me greater empathy for our fledgling business clients and our more established business clients. I thoroughly enjoy being the part of the business that by its very nature requires regular interaction with our sales tax and payroll clients.