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Melissa Rainwater-Fleming, EA

Melissa Rainwater-Fleming, EA

Investment Adviser Representative, Tax Professional


I began my career at Northern AZ Financial Services Co. as Jeff's assistant at the end of 2012, assisted in the office through 2013 and joined full time in 2014 during the height of 2013 tax preparation. Having the opportunity to work so closely with such a knowledgeable group of Enrolled Agents has inspired me to research tax subjects that I had not previously had any exposure to. I achieved my Enrolled agent status in 2015 with the encouragement of the team at NAFS.

I started in the tax world in 1996 in Mesa, AZ. I remained a seasonal employee until I moved to Flagstaff in 1999 after tax season, where I transferred to the same chain to work seasonally for a few more years. I left tax preparation to expand my life experiences to include real estate and then social services.

I've learned that to be an effective tax preparer and reap the benefits for our clients, continuing education is key. I've taken advantage of the wealth of knowledge in the office as well as being able to attend many tax conferences. My future goals include becoming an NTPI Graduate to expand my knowledge in the field of representation. I look forward to “work” everyday and ongoing challenges of tax preparation and resolution!

In the height of the Pandemic I took time to pass my securities license exams to put all the amazing exposure to the financial side of the business I've experienced assisting Jeff to work. I look forward to helping people plan their finances from expanding their families to planning for retirement. I have taken a holistic approach to balancing tax consequences with investment plans, and having the ability to have a hands on approach gives my clients a full service experience.